Every year MAZE brand present two colections: SPRING-SUMMER and FALL-WINTER includes

   Man and women street series
    (Daily clothing)

   Man and women extreme sport  
    (Specialized suits)

    Accessoaries for all seasons! 

Other than the Maze brand products, the company produces products by orders of external clients.
A big part of these orders applies to specialized clothing for corporative clients – company clothing and equipment for sports as rowing, cycling, swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, handball, triathlon , aerobics, fitness, field and tracks, ski, snowboard and others.

To answer the question how do we handle the competition, we say ‘’By high quality, short-terms for execution and competitive prices. We achieve the high quality by using fabrics and products with guaranteed quality and we work with high quality staff.

Our desire is to achieve the completion of the entire production cycle from creating of the model, making the pattern, sewing to the design and the whole figuration of the product. For this purpose we take reasonable steps to increase the qualified staff in our company. Our aim is to present the brand on the external market in the best and competitive possible way. The quality and guarantee are еxtremely important for the establishment of the brand in Bulgaria and Europe, that is why we emphasize on the increasing the control of the quality.

your second skin 


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